Dylan Franks is an independent game developer and musician. He has a passion for pushing new boundaries in the realms of music and video games.

He has developed games and software for Windows and Android, along with browser games in HTML5. His latest projects experiment with procedurally generated levels, microtonality, and generating music with cellular automata.



Dylan began developing games in February 2004 after discovering Game Maker 5.3a. His early games included 2d platformers, point-and-clicks, and experiments with destructible terrain.

Dylan created a series of innovative space shooters, starting with A Starspangled Zephyr in 2010. He released his first 3d horror game in 2010, Deadman's Dark Scenery Court.

Dylan released his debut album God is Alive and Well in 2011, and the follow-up Mirrors for Princes in 2012. He released his third album, wingsdyedblack, in 2015.

The Present

Dylan began experimenting with procedurally generated music in 2016, resulting in the game Seraphim Automata, and the music software Celody Life.

He created the music software NanoTone Synth, which allows musicians to explore microtonality in their browser.

Dylan released Iridescent Crown, a roguelike platformer for Windows and HTML5 on December 22nd, 2016, in honor of Diablo's 20th anniversary.

In February 2017, Dylan created Algorithm for Angel Wings, a game that procedurally generates music in HTML5.

Music Software


Iridescent Crown - Official Trailer YouTube

Procedurally generated music in Algorithm for Angel Wings. YouTube

A Gosper glider gun generating music in Celody Life. YouTube


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