Dylan Franks
Based in Cullman, Alabama

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December 22, 2016


Windows, HTML5

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Iridescent Crown is a 2d roguelike platformer for Windows and HTML5. Explore an infinite variety of colorful dungeons and cave systems. New levels are randomly generated each time you play.

Players can discover many different weapons with myriad upgrades. You can clear the game by upgrading max health, strength, defense, agility, or any combination of these traits.


This game went through several iterations since development began in 2010. An early version was released in 2012 for a Halloween competition. A slightly more polished demo was released in June 2014 for bug testing and feedback.

In late 2016, it was discovered that the game ran smoothly in HTML5, and development shifted toward making the game for web browsers.

With the engine mostly complete, it was time to turn the engine into a game. Final work began on October 4, 2016. Development entered crunch mode toward the end in order to make the Christmas deadline.


  • AI-controlled partners
  • +10,000 different weapons
  • 16 randomly generated levels
  • 13 types of enemies
  • Stylish pixel art graphics
  • Lush electronica soundtrack
  • Infinite replayability


Iridescent Crown - Official Trailer YouTube

Quick playthrough with a powerful weapon! YouTube

Showcasing a few different weapons... YouTube


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Dylan Franks is an independent game developer and musician. He creates music and video games with a focus on innovation and spontaneity.

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